Brigid and Lugh - Follow me through
Imagined a golden light coming through this dimension around my altar space. Shortly after I read that can indicate the presence of Lugh. Then after reading some more Celtic myth & feeling a little better (my psych meds have been adjusted recently) I read to start a good pathworking exercise it's good to ask Brigid to bless you with clear vision. That's exactly what I remember saying outloud in a magical setting in San Francisco one year.

hi there
Schwein no Isu Kyo
I thought I did this when I joined, but apparently not...

Real/Given Name: Aislinn
Craft Name (Optional): Saille
Where In The World You Live: USA east coast
Specific Path or Path of Interest: I take my beliefs from all over the world, and personal experience
Patron Deity (if any): Danu and Bastet, mainly
Religious/Spiritual Background: had Catholicism forced down my throat as a child, but never followed it. I come from a long line of elementals and healers hidden in an Irish Catholic family
Type of Pagan Practice: both. I follow my own solo path, but I'm also a member of a small coven
Types of Divination Practiced: rune stones, pendulum, and fire scrying
Element: all of them? well, except Earth. I can't even keep a cactus alive.
Sacred Tree(s): Willow and Oak
Sacred Stone(s): Sodalite, Angelite, Serpentine
Spirit Animal(s)/Familiar(s): my spirit animal is a wolf. my familiar is a cat. this pretty kitty here: link =3

cartoon wolf
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community, so here's my introduction:

Real/Given Name: Liz
Craft Name (Optional): I don't use one.
Where In The World You Live: London, England - specifically in the East of the city, on the fringes of Epping Forest.
Specific Path or Path of Interest: I'm still in the process of figuring this out, but given that all my known ancestors are Celtic and I live in an area that was Saxon, I'm starting by focusing on those.
Patron Deity (if any): I wouldn't say I have one at the moment. I do have close relationships with two Christian saints from my previous background, Mary Magdalene and James (the patron of the pilgrimage to Compostela, which was a major turning-point for me when I did it two years ago). I don't consider myself Christian any more, but am trying not to throw out the baby with the bathwater ;-)
Religious/Spiritual Background: It's complicated, but basically I was raised as a Christian, specifically Anglican (if you're in the US, the branch you may be familiar with is the Episcopal Church of the USA) and spent most of my 20s and 30s alternately drifting back to it and breaking away to try something else (including Wicca and Asatru). My basic problem with Christianity is that I don't actually find the figure of Jesus of Nazareth very likable and thus have difficulty accepting him as divine or as a saviour, though I can accept that he was in some respects a good teacher. I do still value some of the more prophetic/liberation traditions in Christianity, and I still attend the Metropolitan Community Church in East London on Sunday evenings, mainly because of the strong relationships I've formed there and because of the value of having a community that accepts me as bisexual and polyamorous. They even know I'm a heretic and don't mind ;-)
Type of Pagan Practice: (solitary or coven) Solitary.
Types of Divination Practiced: Tarot.
Element: Probably some combination of Earth and Water.
Sacred Tree(s): None as yet.
Sacred Stone(s): There are three (sets of) standing stones that mean a lot to me: Avebury, Stanton Drew and Cumbrae (on the island where I used to spend summers with my grandparents).
Spirit Animal(s)/Familiar(s): Wolf (hence the icon, which was drawn for me by a friend).

Winter Solstice/Yule
What are your Winter Solstice/Yule traditions? Who do you celebrate with? What do you do? What kind of things are important to you for this holiday?

Greetings everyone! My name is Hector and I am very interested in learning more about Celtic paths. I've been an electic solitary witch since I was about 11 when I first learned about Paganism when a friend lent me a book on it. I am well versed in the art of magick and have a fair knowledge on how it works however regarding following paganism itself I feel I need some sort of structure. When I was called by my patron deities Lugh and Brigid I became more fascinated with Celtic paganism and began doing some reading. I have come to know more about my patron deities but regarding Celtic traditions I know little thereof. I would like to bring more structure and discipline into my practice so I am in search of knowledge regarding Celtic traditions. Any help would be appreciated. This survey below should tell you more about me, but I'd love to know more about you all as well! :)

Real/Given Name:
Craft Name (Optional): Lyonel
Where In The World You Live: New York
Specific Path or Path of Interest: Eclectic Pagan very interested learning more about Celtic paths.
Patron Deity (if any): Lugh and Brighid
Religious/Spiritual Background: Paganism
Type of Pagan Practice: (solitary or coven) Solitary electic paganism
Types of Divination Practiced: tarot, scrying, candle wax divination, psychic vision
Element: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, I am all of them. :)
Sacred Tree(s): Oak
Sacred Stone(s): Citrine, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye
Spirit Animal(s)/Familiar(s): Eagle

ADF vs. Keltria
Unfortunately I have become very isolated with my move a few years ago to Colorado; when I was still in Western Washington I had a lot of resources and like minded people to speak with and share knowledge with. I have yet to find a group in my area that I feel comfortable with and I am now looking outwards to try and find a source for information/knowledge/guidance. I had always used my family and others in my area for this previously but I am pretty much isolated now and need SOMETHING.

I feel like I am losing my connection with nature - I miss my trees and the water so much.....

In looking for a source that could help bridge the gap ADF and the Henge of Keltria are what always pop up. I have to admit that getting guidance on the way my ancestors were and help in maintaining a connection with the earth through the internet seems.....odd.... but what else do I have.

Does anyone have some first hand experience with these two groups? Is there another that you would recommend?

I am entirely focused on my Celtic heritage (Irish, Scottish and Welsh) and have always leaned somewhere between a Celtic Reconstructionist and Druidism. Maybe I am missing something that fits this??

I would truly appreciate some input here.

Yule and other questions
Do you tie Yule and Christmas together? If you do, which parts? If you have children, what parts of Yule do you share/teach them? Do you do any rituals personally?

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Combining Beliefs ... Samhain
winter child
Hi again.

Here's the background:
Hubby is a liberal eclectic Christian. He is very supportive of my beliefs. I am an earth based pagan who believes in no deity, but rather the energies of the earth. I believe in reincarnation and a lot of Celtic Pagan beliefs without the deity. I believe in stone energies and Tarot and powers unexplained, spirits unknown. ... Hubby and I have two children together (ages 4 and 3). We're raising our children exposed to all faiths (once their a couple years older) and allow them choose whatever faith they'd like, helping them research, etc.

Hubby wants to incorporate my beliefs and his together. He'd like to learn more about my faith and put them together for holidays for the kids. He says that he feels that we need to share something that's such a large part of us with each other and our children. It allows me to not feel so alone in my beliefs, allows him to share in my belief and me in his, and allows our children to grow up in an environment of togetherness.

This morning hubby asked me if I wanted to start doing some research and figure out what we'd like to do for the holidays coming up, more specifically Samhain. I don't know how to mesh his world into mine. He is completely open to the idea, but I've only recently started actually practicing my belief instead of just believing it in my soul. I've always loved Samhain and the beliefs behind it, but have no idea what rituals or practices to actually do.

What do you suggest? I'm completely open to any and all ideas. I really really want to make this work, to start this new chapter, but I feel so lost, overwhelmed, and alone. Google frustrates me with it's fluffiness at times. Please help! Thanks in advance. It really means a lot.

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Pagan Podcast
winter child
I'm looking for a Pagan podcast with Celtic/Gaelic tendencies and *hopefully* earth and energy tendencies too. I know that's a lot to expect from a podcast, or a blog even. I'm hoping to find one so I don't feel so incredibly alone in my practice. I'm an earth based Pagan with emphasis on energies. I don't believe in deities. Most of the podcasts and sites I've found have emphasis on deities and rituals. In fact most of them are actually Wiccan in origin. I need to connect to something to give me some kind of connections. I'm looking for a mentor and if it has to be over the web, then so be it. Any suggestions?

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I feel like my house is under attack. Since 8:30 tonight we have found one snake in the house and six crawling around outside our house and on our porch! Seven snakes in two hours?! I don't like for any animal to be killed but snakes seriously freak me out. They are all copperheads, which are poisonous.

Any ideas on why this is happening? What can I do to protect myself and my house?


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