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Celtic Pagans
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Celtic Based Paganism, Spirituality and Religion.
Community Purpose
Celtic Pagans is a place for Pagans who are looking for a specific path to follow or for those who happen to be interested in anything Celtic.
It is a community dedicated to learning about, exploring the history, and following the path of the Celts and their traditions.

Community Rules:
1) Keep on Topic. Every post made in this community should contain something Celtic-related or Pagan-related, (or Celtic Pagan-related, of course). Some good examples of what is considered on topic are: Celtic history, folklore, or spirituality; Pagan beliefs in relation to Celtic traditions; and posts about upcoming Pagan or Celtic Pagan events, (questions that are on topic are also more than welcome!). Although this is primarily a "beginner's community," posts about more evolved Celtic Pagan traditions are encouraged, as not every member is new to the path. Wiccans and those interested in Wicca are welcome to the community, but please be aware that many people challenge the idea of there being such a thing as "Celtic Wicca". As such, please keep topics about "Celtic Wicca" to a minimum please.
2) Be Respectful. Everyone in this world holds different beliefs, so it's safe to assume that not everyone in this community will agree with each other. It is important, in having a discussion or debating, to always behave in a mature and civil manner. This means that you should leave the name-calling for another place. From time to time we may get a new member that doesn't share the general belief structure as most Celtic Pagans. They may even belong to another religion. As long as they are open to learning and discussion and they are not attacking our beliefs, there is no reason to attack theirs.
3) Quiz-posting. Absolutely no quiz-posting is allowed. This is a serious discussion forum and there's no logical reason for anyone to be posting quizzes. The only exception is the New Member Survey.
4) Honesty. I think it's honorable to ask that everyone be honest with themselves and each other about anything posted in this journal. As stated in the pagan community, "Opinions are welcome, but fiction is not."
5) Lengthy Posts. Please, when making long posts, it's simply asked that you make use of the lj-cut tag. [Instructions on how to use the lj-cut tag]
6) Community Promo. YES! It is okay to promote your community here as long as it's essentially Celtic- or Pagan-related and text-only. You may promote a community only once. All communities promoted here get saved in the memories under "Community Promo."
7) Have Fun. Most importantly, have fun with this community!

New Members - Here's an Introduction Form to include in your first post. Use this to help us get to know you!
Real/Given Name:
Craft Name (Optional):
Where In The World You Live:
Specific Path or Path of Interest:
Patron Deity (if any):
Religious/Spiritual Background:
Type of Pagan Practice: (solitary or coven)
Types of Divination Practiced:
Sacred Tree(s):
Sacred Stone(s):
Spirit Animal(s)/Familiar(s):

Your Mods Are:

We no longer hold weekly discussions for lack of interest. If you would like to restart this, please contact one of the maintainers with your suggestions.

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